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My platform Is based upon the fellowship of all of the people who work to ensure our neighborhoods are safe, our beaches are clean, our waterways are protected and our economic outlook is strong. Miami Beach is a diverse and exciting travel destination and a tropical oasis for thousands of hard-working families. Our city needs dedicated community policing in every neighborhood and school so we can all feel safe. The Miami Beach Police Department and all members of local law enforcement dedicate their lives to our protection. We must support their efforts and ensure they have the resources required to secure Miami Beach.

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Without beautiful beaches and healthy waterways, Miami Beach can not thrive. Our environment is also the economic engine of our shared success. When the rest of the world turns cold and gloomy, images of our golden shores and swaying palms inspire countless vacations. Protecting wildlife, improving infrastructure and making sustainable choices every day is the pathway toward a healthier community. As a  Miami Beach resident who loves spending time on the water, I believe we must all commit to keeping the city clean and the shores clear, and to advocate for best practices in addressing the impacts of climate change.

Tropical Palm Leaf



Miami Beach depends upon the success of big and small businesses, a thriving tourist economy, and a renewed commitment to diversifying the job market for everyone impacted by the COVID crisis. Attracting new corporate investment in Miami Beach, engaging with financial and technology giants who relocated to South Florida this year, and creating greater opportunities for high paying jobs is an initiative that will revitalize our economy.  Financial decisions that impact our city must be fiscally responsible and conducted with integrity and transparency.  We must make it easier to do business on Miami Beach.

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Miami Beach must always be a community dedicated to equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities. We must all work to ensure equity, access, participation and equal rights are the cornerstones of our good government. In opening a dialog with thousands of local Facebook members to address areas of civic concern, I consistently advocate for greater outreach and communication with all my neighbors. I want the Miami Beach Commission to expand opportunities for improved communication and interaction with our community to create a better balance between individuals and City Hall.  Access is everything.

I want to serve

on the Miami Beach Commission so I can support the vision of all 

my neighbors who deserve the best representation

at City Hall.

Stephen Cohen

Candidate for Commissioner, Group 3